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At Oudh Shop we aim to bring luxury quality, elegant Arabic and French perfumes direct from the manufacturer to you at affordable cost. We are the sole distributor of Oudh Al Anfar products in the UK.
Whether you are looking for high-quality Arabian Oud or French perfumes in the UK, cheap perfume gift sets or luxury perfume gift Oudh Shop simply has the best oud perfume for men and women. We have huge varieties of perfumes on sale for you.
Our best selections of musk perfume for women & men, gender-neutral unisex perfumes Eau de perfume (EDP), Eau de toilet (EDT) and Arabian perfume oil will catch your breath.
Currently, we have Luxury Arabian oud and musk perfume brands like Oudh Al Anfar, Adyan, Adyan Prestige, Paris Riviera, La ferie, Ajyad, Anfar London exclusively available at wholesale and retail. Exclusive brands at cheapest perfume online. We supply selections of long-lasting perfume to low price perfumes and some of the cheap perfume that smells like a designer available from as little as £1.50.
Arabic Oud oil, EDP and EDT are available at perfume wholesale and retail price. 
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All our products are direct supplied by Oudh Al Anfar, an exclusive brand since 1950, strongly stands in the market as an expert in exploring the purity in fragrance from a splendid array of Oudh and Dehn Al Oudh and also regularly launching awesome oriental and French line perfumes to cater to the needs of customers worldwide.


All products presented are of original origin, supplied directly from the manufacturer. 
We DO NOT sell copies. 
We value our reputation and our customers.

What is oud perfume?

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Oud or Agarwood is one of the most expensive and luxurious natural substances, also known as “liquid gold”. Oud fragrance oil is extracted from the world’s most expensive wood of Agarwood trees. Agarwood is a species of tree that only grows in parts of South East Asia, primarily found in Bangladesh and India. For thousands of years, it has been used in the Middle East and Asia in the form of incense, body oils and fragrance.  It is said to be the most expensive fragrance due to its rarity, only 2% of wild agarwood trees produce oud fragrance.

How oud fragrances are made?

The resin-soaked Agarwood and the oil distilled from it are known as Oud. Due to its wonderful sweetened, woody, aromatic and complex scent, it is vastly admired by perfumers. It is used in the forms of oud oil in Arabic fragrance it is known as “Dehn al Oud”. The resin form of oud is known as “oud mubakhar or bakhoor”.   Most often oudh is used as a base note when oudh is used in a perfume composition. As it sits very low down in the composition of a fragrance it lasts on the skin. Not only oud is one of the long-lasting fragrances, but it also has the ability to hold other scents in place, making it an excellent ‘fixative’.   The fragrance of White Oud capturing the deep complexity of oud based fragrances, energised and lightened with mysterious, cool notes, which settle into a sweet powdery base.   Black Oud (oudh) is a special and unique Oud fragrance with a mix of Oud, Sandalwood, Roses and Vanilla.  

Why oud perfumes are so expensive?

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Due to its rarity and a fixative base fragrance oud oil became a precious and most popular commodity. Oud oil’s value is estimated to be 1.5 times the value of gold which is referred to as “liquid gold”. The species of agarwood tree that produce oud oil is becoming rarer and so oud oil is becoming a precious commodity, as a result, oud products are becoming more and more sought after.   Where oud is recognized as the fragrance of wood that is used on the skin or it also to burn to spread the smoke in the ambience or on the clothes.   Oud’s wonderful scent is valued by many cultures for its natural and distinctive fragrance. During past years it has become an extremely trendy ingredient. Oudh is very popular in Arabic Perfumes and the exotic South-East have always sources for it. Oud was never been popular in the western fragrance choice until recent years, Now most of the high street perfume brands have oud as the top choice.

What is Bakhoor?

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Bakhoor in this sense predominantly alludes to the wood chips that are absorbed by fragrant Oud oils; which is the oil separated from the intriguing Aquilaria tree. Bakhoor chips are used as home fragrances for centuries in the Middle East and Asia. The chips are usually burnt on a burner to extract the oud fragrance.