About the Brand:The Paris Riviera brand was created in 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by experienced perfumers with more than 60 years in the world fragrance market. Its perfumes are produced with fine essential oils, made in France, by one of the main fragrance houses in the world. The name Paris Riviera is perhaps one of the most predictable in the world of perfumery as it is on the French Riviera that the city of Grasse is located, the birthplace of perfumery in the world. You will be surprised by the options of the Paris Riviera line – feminine and masculine perfumes that combine high quality and excellent cost-benefit (low price category *)Products:Perfumes Paris Riviera does not treat of dupes, but, like, which are already used only natural ingredients in its composition and fine essential oils. The big difference between one another is that the second (similar) has movement that highlights the chords that characterize each stage of the fragrance: top note, heart and bottom. In other words, the perfume will not have the same performance all the time. The behavior will be like a selective that has an explosion and then softens slightly on the skin. Countertypes have the same smell all the time.